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Relaxed and fun wedding photographers based in Camberley, on the Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire border. Offering Emotive and natural documentary wedding photography. Mainly working in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, but we’ll travel anywhere for a good knees-up!

Being relaxed wedding photographers helps us capturing the REAL side of you, and you’re wedding. We’re not fussy or bossy; in fact, we’re the opposite. We get to know our couples stories and having a laugh and joke with them. For us, that’s the most important quality in our photography.

So confident and practised as we are working together this gives us scope to use our wedding experience to utterly smash it out of the park and still have time to fall about laughing at the same time.

We’ve worked together in this business for 13 years and been friends for over 16. We soon found that we had quite a bit in common. As well as Photography, there was also, pissing off our manager (sorry John), Fun, drunken nights out in the bars of Camberley (shout out to The Toad & Agincourt), Sarcasm and swearing, and of course, rocking out to 00”s Pop Punk. We still do most of these now, minus the bars of Camberley, we are too old for that shit! (lol) these days it’s a Kitchen disco around Debbie’s, cause she then has to clean up (oh yeah, i’m savvy like that) and her kids get to judge us (LOL)

Get to know Ruth

This is me! My hubby Ian (he likes to make up annoying songs) and our two crazy fur babies Callie & Blossom. I’m a pop and country music fan who spends far too much time watching TV, Faves include, Below Deck, The Office, Parks & Rec, Taskmaster (bebe) and Greys Anatomy!

Music lover

Prosecco drinker

stationery collector

obsessed with KP spicy flavarings

Always, coffee

love camping

We love getting to know our couples stories and having a laugh and joke with them. For us, that’s the most important quality in our photography. Whether your style is for intimate romantic moments or just dicking around… it’s our expertise to capture the best of the two of you making your images believable and “so you”.


If you’re looking for a Relaxed wedding photographer who’ll capture the energy and atmosphere of your day and mix in with your guests, then get in touch. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!

Get to know Debbie

That's me, my other half Ross & our kids, Ryan & Logan. We have 7 Degu's named after TMNT baddies (I named them!) As a family, we love a good kitchen laser party, and laughing along to Impractical jokers, or a classic Will Ferrell movie.

Photo of Surrey photographer Debbie and her partner and boys on a beach. Taken on shoot with By vicki.

Rock and Metal Music fan

Quite partial to an Ale

Aussie soap watcher

big fan of Paprika max crisps


Love to cook

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Our style, embeds us fully in your day. We shoot as much in the action as possible, but it’s been said by many of our couples they didn’t even realise we were there. Sneaky yet unobtrusive, what an accolade! This approach gives you the best chance of reliving the epicness of the day in the years afterwards,

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