What kind of wedding photographers are you?

First off, we are awesome 🙂 & a refreshing break from the norm. We are different from the photographers you’ve seen at your mates’ weddings (unless they booked us) in that case we’re the same, but only in that case! We fully submerge ourselves into your day and cause of this, we almost always get asked how long we’ve known you.


When and how do we book?

Our calendar fills up quickly. We only book 1 wedding a day, so you should plan to book as soon as you can. We hate to disappoint, if we are booked, we have another couple of awesome contacts we can send your way.


Have you shot at our venue before?

Chances are that we have come across your venue in the past 12 years. However, WE LOVE shooting at new venues, and seeing a location with fresh eyes is very valuable as well! We travel quite frequently for weddings so even if we’ve not been to your location before, we will do an excellent job capturing it.


What happens if you are ill?

We’re only human, and this has happened before. Most of the time, we dose ourselves up and work through it, the atmosphere on the day and Day nurse gets us through. In the instance that we are really ill, we have a whole group of great photographer friends who are always happy to step in and help.


We’re on a budget, can we have a deal?

Our prices have been carefully curated and priced according to their value, so the short answer is “No”. However, we will always try & work with you to create a custom package that suits your budget. Please contact us for details!


We hate having our photos taken. Is this a problem?

Most couples who book us, always say they are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Who isn’t? Honestly, you are not alone, and we are not about to make you the next Zoolander! There is only 1! We do our best to always put you at ease, we’re human too, we get it! We just want you to be your natural selves, whoever that may be. We aren’t easily offended and hope you aren’t either, cause at some point, we’ll be offensive! swear like sailors and be ridiculous blunt and sarcastic. This is us.


What happens after?

We disappear! Nah, just kidding! We’ll have a little preview online a few days after your wedding to keep you happy and get you excited for the rest. We then aim to have your gallery ready for viewing in about 4-5 weeks. You view your photos via an online gallery, where you can share, download and print your pics. We send your USB out about a week later and then work with you to design your amazing album.


Who owns the copyright?

We do, You get the rights to print the image with your USB pack, you just can’t edit them or use them in ways that will break the Copyright laws. Yes, this includes “playing around in photoshop, cause I like to edit” or adding a horrible filter on your socials. Please don’t do this! I’ve already made them look spectacular.  Obvs, you can post on Insta & Facebook, we love seeing the love for our work, so be sure to link to us online too, & let everyone know who shot your awesome wedding.

Now what?

Drop us a message  & we’ll check our availability. We’ll arrange to get together face to face, or via Skype and have a chat. We know the importance of you both needing to be comfortable with us. After all, you’ll be spending most of your wedding day with us.