Joey and Lauren got married at the awesome Millbridge Court in Surrey, this summer. It was a super fun Gin inspired wedding, with an awesome Horsebox Gin Bar and empty gin bottles filled with flowers everywhere.

The couple met online and the wedding has been a long time coming. They are just the loveliest people and everyone there was so excited for them. We really were celebrating the end of one adventure & the start of an even bigger one as a family.

Getting ready

Joey got ready down the road at Fresham Pond Hotel with his Best man, ushers and family, and there was such an exciting vibe. Loads of smiles, laughs, beers and presents to start the morning off. He wore a grey three piece suit, and looked so dapper. The wedding party then took the short trip to get to the ceremony. Where quite a few guests were already waiting, sue to a slight mishap with the wedding invites.

Lauren got ready in the dressing room at Millbridge Court with her bridesmaids, Mum & Daughter Emma. It was a chilled start to the morning, which as always ended up getting a little crazy, when it came to getting dressed. Her dad seeing her in her dress for the first time was a totes emosh experience,then not 5 minutes later we went though it all again when Emma (their daughter) saw her going down the stairs. Yeah, there were loads of tears. She wore a gorgeous sleeved lace mermaid gown, and looked really beautiful.

Getting hitched

The ceremony took place at Millbridge Court in The Ceremony Barn. The ceremony area was a beautiful room, which was just stunning, because it was a beautiful sunny day. It began with Joey wiping away the tears and lots of giggling between the two of them, and finished with them walking down the aisle and being showered with colourful confetti. It was a gorgeous ceremony, full of nervous giggles and excited hand squeezes.

After the ceremony, all the guests made a Beeline for the Gin Inn that had hitched up by the entrance, which was a great idea by the couple. Hannah & Ollie had 3 personalised cocktails for guest to enjoy & boy did they enjoy them! We then left the couple to mingle, which was the perfect time for us to get candid photos. I got some hilarious guest photos as everyone was so much fun and loved having their photo taken – After group photos in the Arbour, we lined all the guests back up for a confetti shot & another chance for everyone to cheer the Bride & Groom. Then into the Wedding Breakfast After a rainy start. The weather was fresh and sunny, it was a beautiful day.

The Evening

After the speeches, we headed out for a drive with Joey & Lauren to a spot we found on their Pre shoot. The posed in the golden sun, danced in the road and got to play with Smoke Grenades. We then headed back to the venue so they could greet their evening guests, and the party kicked off.

I loved this Gin inspired wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for a Fun and creative Millbridge Court wedding photographer, get in touch. Here are the photos!

Outside shot of Millbridge court from the driveway entrance. You can see the Millbridge sign & the outline of the house coming out from behind the bushes.Interior shots of Millbridge court. Showing from the entrance hallway looking down to the bottom foyer. The gorgeous downstairs waiting room with it's geometric blue & white wallpaper and then looking up under the antler light fixtures. A selection of 4 images in a grid from a recent wedding at Millbridge Court frensham. The Gin Inn horse box bar all shut up before service. Selection of flowers in empty gin bottles adding extra decor to the interior of Millbridge Court.A gin themed wedding at Millbridge court. Empty Gin bottles staggered on the steps of a ladder filled with fake flowers & each one showing the individual table plans.The cows in the field next to Millbridge courtBrides bracelet, necklace, shoes & flowers in a collage of details for this gin themed weddingLooking down on the ceremony room through the 2 way mirror in the dressing room at Millbridge courtThe bride getting ready in front of the vanity mirrors in the Bridal changing room at Millbridge courtWhen the brides mother series and has to break a bit of bad news, this one did it with a joke & pulled these funny faces while doing it.Little girl arriving to get ready with the bride and excitedly flossing in front of the mirror. Excited flower girl showing her mum that she can do the floss danceBride and her daughter shot through the mirror whist she is opening her present from husband to beBlack and white image of a bride having her eye make up done.Mother of the bride checking herself in the mirror and adjusting her dress.overhead image of a bridesmaid in her pink dress doing up her silver fluffy shoes.flower girl having fun hanging upside down during the morning preparations of a wedding.bride and her mum having a quick cuddle before the dress goes on. Bride in a full length lace mermaid gown with semi opaque sleeves having her dress laced by her sister in a pink bridesmaids dress.2 black and white images in a collage. One showing the bride & mother holding hands. You can see the lace detail in her sleeves and the second is the veil being put into place as she looks on.

Bride in a sleeved laced mermaid dress giving her dad a hug after he saw her for the first time. Collage of both black & white and colour images showing the bridesmaids first look of the bride at Millbridge court.The ceremony barn at mill bridge court full of guest and a slightly nervous groom being calmed by his best man. Dressed in grey suits with agents of pink. The batsman with a supportive hand on the grooms shoulder just before the bride walks down the aisle. Collage of the bridesmaids walking down the aisle before the bride at mill bridge court in FarnhamBride in a full length white mermaid style wedding dress on her fathers arm walking down the aisle. Groom looking down the aisle and seeing the first look of his wife to be. Bride , groom and father of the bride in front of the floor to being windows of the ceremony barn. The groom is wiping a tear from his eye with a handkerchief Collage of ceremony shots from a gin themed wedding at Millbridge court FrenshamBride and Groom and witnesses during the ceremony at Millbridge courtbride and groom exchanging rings during their marriage ceremonyBridesmaids entertaining a 6 month old during the ceremonyand excited and giddy bride and groom just after being told they are now married.First kiss baked in gorgeous sunlight in the mill bridge court ceremony barn Black nd with image of the marriage register being signed.Bride and Groom waiting to walk back down the aisle after their wedding ceremonythe back of he brides dress on the slate floor covered with confetti petalsselection of candid shots showing guests during the wedding drinks reception, drinking, laughing and hugging. The 2 barns of Millbridge court with guests enjoying the drinks reception. selection of candid shots showing guests during the wedding drinks reception, drinking, laughing and hugging. Groomsmen in the garden giving the groom a celebratory pat on the back. Gin drinking bride and guest embracing in a congratulatory hug after the ceremony.Bride and Groom framed by the gates of the secret garden at mill bridge courtBride wiping a tear from the grooms eye during their couple portraits at Millbridge Court.Quiet moment between the bride and groom an a bench in the gardens of Millbridge CourtBride and Groom posing in the entrance to the outside Arbour. Gin themed wedding with a Gin mobile horse box bar. Couple posing with gin glasses in hand outside the Gin Inn horse box bar. bride and groom hand in hand with big smiles on their faces as they walk into their wedding breakfast. Tears, smiles and laughter all captured during the speeches at mill bridge CourtTop table being kissed in gorgeous sunlight at Millbridge court. Groom is giving his speech and the bride is beaming with pride. Father of the groom pretending to cry during Grooms speechTears, smiles and laughter all captured during the speeches at mill bridge CourtA final cheers from the bride and groom during the wedding speeches. Couples portraits taken during the Golden Hour. Bride & Groom hugging closely while looking out into the distance. Bride and groom walking hand in hand ion the wedding day during their couples portraits. Bride and Groom on a bridge in Frensham at Sunset holding 2 green smoke flares at arms length. Black and white image of a Bride and Groom dancing in the street during sunset. Collage of bride and groom laughing uncontrollably during their shoot. Black and white image of Bride and Groom cutting their wedding cake at Millbridge Court.Bride and Goom backlit by flash & silhouetted but the fading sun during their first dance. Bride and Goom backlit by flash & silhouetted but the fading sun during their first dance. Bride and Goom backlit by flash & silhouetted but the fading sun during their first dance. Bride and Goom backlit by flash & silhouetted but the fading sun during their first dance.


Venue: https://www.millbridgecourt.co.uk

Dress: https://www.wed2b.co.uk

Flowers: http://www.florescence.org

Suit: https://www.slaters.co.uk

Cake: http://www.thevanillacakecompany.co.uk

Catering: http://kalmkitchen.co.uk

Gin Inn Mobile Horsebox bar: https://www.thegininn.co.uk



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