Let’s talk Wedding Ceremony! For some couples, the ceremony is a formality, but for others, it’s the most important part of the day.

Choosing the right type and style of ceremony for you is important. We’ll go through different types below & give you some ideas, especially if you are wanting to make yours a little less traditional and a little more unique.

Wedding ceremony, Temple church, london. Bride and groom being blessed by a female vicar Religious Wedding ceremony

Religious services are beautiful and very meaningful in their own right. They will follow a certain traditional format, and the content is at the discretion of the Priest/Vicar marrying you. Organists, resident choirs and bell ringers will add all the ambience you need, and you’ll be getting your church community involved. Church weddings offer a rehearsal. This is a great chance to put everyone’s mind at rest and inform them of their duties/positions.

Bride and groom leaving the church after their wedding ceremony. If you are wanting to personalise or change your service, you might find strict restrictions on what readings & hymns you can have. Don’t be surprised if you can’t make many changes. Perhaps, this isn’t the one for you

Religious Wedding Blessing

Faith is important, but if you find yourselves at loggerheads, why not have both? Spread your celebrations out over a few days and really embrace and enjoy the ceremonies. You don’t have to invite everyone to everything. Just have your absolute nearest and dearest to the blessings and make it nice and intimate.

Bride and groom, during their civil ceremony at Foyle park. Bride and groom, standing in front of the registrar in Foyle parks library. Civil Wedding Ceremony

Conducted by a registrar in either your local registry office or a licensed venue. These can be relatively quick ceremonies. You can personalise your ceremony with a selection off vows or even create your own. You can personalise your readings and music, just be sure they’re not religious. While, you don’t get the chance to really meet & get to know who will be conducting the ceremony before hand, we have worked with lots of wonderful registrars who have a great way of conducting their ceremonies and making it feel very personable.  There isn’t usually a rehearsal either, which leads to more than a few nerves for your bridal party.

Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony at Guildford registry office.Humanist/Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Are you looking for a meaningful ceremony that isn’t religious. Is your dream ceremony in the woods or under the stars? In your parents garden? or an unlicensed location or venue? Humanist and Celebrant ceremonies offer the flexibility to have the wedding you want. Where, and when you want it! You choose the time, rather than the registrars.

Frustratingly, humanist & celebrant weddings aren’t legally binding in England or Wales yet. This simply means you’ll need to make a trip to the registry office to do the paperwork. That can be a lunchtime thing a few days before or after your wedding day. Humanists and Celebrants, will get to know you as a couple. They take an interest in you and will create a wedding that is perfect and unique for you.

Wedding ceremony being officiated by a friend. If you like the idea of doing the paperwork before, then you can ask a friend or member of your family to officiate your wedding. Imagine standing up there & being married by someone so important to you, someone you respect or who plays a huge part in your lives. This is becoming a more popular choice & much the same as a humanist or celebrant wedding, you can do this whenever or wherever you want.





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