So, what’s a pre-wedding photo shoot, I hear you say

So what's a pre wedding shoot?

Well, a pre-wedding shoot is a chance for us to get to know you guys as a couple. Designed to help put you at ease being in front of the camera, and having to look comfortable, spontaneous and of course in love. We like that it gives you an idea what the portraits from your wedding day will be like; moments of fun & laughter, with the occasional  “oh this looks cool,lets go and do this quickly it’ll be amazing”. You may also have not known, that you are allowed to hold hands & kiss!! Yep, your getting married, everyone knows you do that anyway. We also wan’t you to know that you can whisper naughty things in each others ears, or squeeze each other so tightly you burst, actually maybe not bursting point, we still wan’t their to be a wedding, wanna put your hands in your pockets, or pull a silly face, hey why the hell not.

Pre Wedding Photography

We totally get that posing doesn’t come natural to most people, in fact, 75% of people we meet tell us they don’t like having their photograph taken. 50% of those people are the grooms! Most grooms feel the pre-wedding shoot is unnecessary and it’s not something they are looking forward to but by the end, we win them over & all of our couples have said they’ve really enjoyed it.

We’re not scary, or there to make you feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite & will actively encourage our couples to make poses their own & use these sessions as a practise as such, you can then tell us if something made you uncomfortable or any hang ups you may have from seeing the images. We also use it as a chance to explore the venue through your eyes spend a little time together talking about how amazing the day’s gonna be & how it’s all gonna run.

Although we get excited about what we do, and in turn, may ask you to push your boundaries, really all we are there to do is bring out the best out of  you, so your wedding photos are the most amazing we can create for you. Of course on the Wedding day, we take your lead, don’t wanna do some things, just say, but you never know, they could be really awesome if you say yes.

A pre wedding shoot is included in our package, but if you wan’t make it more interesting, or fun, a night shoot maybe, or not at the venue, but at the beach, riverside, themed with a picnic, or smoke bombs & powder paint, just let us know. We’re always up for doing something different & would love to help you create some unique artwork for your walls, with a great story to tell guests of your home & even the kids!

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Ruth & DebbiePre Wedding Shoot, Cantley House Hotel.

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