Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are starting to plan your awesome wedding. In the immortal words of Cliff, (ask your Mum) CONGRATULATIONS!

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Welcome to the world of wedding planning. You’ve probably heard every story from family & friends about how stressful and crazy their planning was, and granted it can be, but it’s also really bloody fun. If you get overwhelmed, think of it this way. Your wedding day is just signing some paperwork and hanging out with the people you love, simples.

Remember it’s your day.

We know you’re excited, but before you start delving into the craziness of wedding media, most importantly, sit down together and discuss what you each want from the day. Determine whats important to you individually & as a couple. Do you wan’t to go traditional? or maybe do something totally unique. Is it the Ceremony? Food, Entertainment or where you have your reception. Starting out, knowing what’s important to you both will help steer you in the right direction and will also help if you find yourselves needing to justify your want’s to family members. Keep this list somewhere you can see it everyday & refer back to it to keep you on track.

Sign explaining the rules of love.

Set up a Wedding only email.

A what?! you ask. It’s basically an email address you create that is used specifically for wedding correspondence. Use your names & wedding date and any time a wedding pro, wedding fair, or registration event requests your email address, you can give them your “wedding” email address. Not only does it mean that all your correspondence is in one place, it also means you don’t have to trash your personal email after the wedding. Unsubscribing is a bitch, after all!


It’s not the most fun part of wedding planning, unless of course, you love spreadsheets! However, it’s the most important. First off, think about how much you want to spend on the wedding. Factor in any current savings you have. Are you getting financial help from family members and do you know how much? Then work out the money you can realistically save between now and the big day.

Guest List

Getting a rough idea on your numbers puts you in a really good place. It’s helpful to your budget to know, as your venue is the biggest chunk of the budget.

That’s it! You’ve started Wedding planning. It’s not that scary, is it?. Now, pour yourselves a glass of something fancy and celebrate the start of a fab journey.

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Surrey wedding photographer | FUN wedding photographer